Butts and the Solar System

January 18, 2010 at 10:41 pm (General)

Elia turned five last week!  I cannot believe how fast these last five years have flown, and how much she (and I, but mostly she) has grown!  Everyday Elia amazes us with the maturity and wisdom of a person who cannot possibly be five years old.  But she is…just five.  And on her fifth birthday she was halfway through the second Harry Potter, when she told me, “Mom?  I think I’m going to stop reading Harry Potter until I’m older because it’s getting too scary.”  She also prepared slides of cheek cells and her own booger to observe under the microscope, and she re-read her books about space. Tonight at dinner, this was our conversation:

Elia: If Daddy’s butt is Jupiter, JJ’s butt is the smallest planet in the solar system. Mom, yours is the sun.

Me: WHAT? That’s the biggest one of all!

Elia: Oh, right. Then your butt is Uranus.

I was wondering why she couldn’t make the analogy to the food on her plate.  A bread roll…a pea…Well, I guess she is five after all!

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