25 Things

January 23, 2010 at 10:19 pm (General)

25 things about Elia:

1. She doesn’t like to be alone.

2. Her favorite color is pink.

3. She likes shows starring animals more than people.

4. She wants her own pet that will live only in her room.

5. Her ideal pizza topping would be ham, pineapple, mushrooms & olives.

6. She has 2 permanent teeth.

7. She prefers running to riding a bike.

8. She wakes up early in the morning and reads in her bed until 7:00.

9. She likes to pretend her name is Ella.

10. She calls someone on the phone every day.

11. She prefers to listen to stories rather than music.

12. When she gets upset she stomps where she’s going.

13. She likes to arrange scenes, but not play with, her toys.

14. She loves roast chicken. 

15. She likes me to lay with her in bed at night.

16.  She looks forward to coming into my bed every morning.

17. She appreciates a good joke.

18. She draws pictures of her feelings, especially when she’s feeling sad.

19. Her favorite thing to drink is milk.

20. She knows the words to Jingle Bell Rock.

21. When she’s in the water, she pretends she’s a dolphin.

22. She wanted her birthday dinner at Claim Jumper.

23. Every time we go to Trader Joe’s she wants to buy flowers for her room.

24. She is not aware of how long her legs and arms are.

25. She still likes to be carried.

25 things about JJ:

1. He dreams about driving a red monster truck with red wheels and red steering wheel.

2. He currently weighs 40 pounds and is 41 inches tall.

3. He likes to jump on people.

4. He only orders macaroni and cheese at restaraunts.

5. He has been potty trained for 2 years.

6. He recently started sleeping through the night.

7. He is wondering when we are going to paint his bedroom walls bright red.

8. He twirls my hair.

9. He likes to press buttons.

10. The heaviest thing he can carry is a full, glass, half-gallon of milk.

11. He can and does butter his own toast.

12. He does not put his pants back on after going potty.

13. He can write the letter J.

14. At some point every day he tells me, “I love you mom.  Happy mother’s day.”

15. Spiderman is his favorite superhero.

16. He helps himself to food from the pantry and fridge when he’s hungry.

17. He expresses himself freely and doesn’t hold back.

18. He loves using knives.

19. He is the only one who ever asks to hold Brownie.

20. He does not like to go to Kidsworld while I exercise.

21. He likes to pay whenever we buy stuff.

22. He looks forward to John coming home every day.

23. The last time he rode in the Ergo carrier was today.

24. His favorite thing to listen to on the iPod is the Wonderpets soundtrack.

25. Today he told me that he is proud of himself.


  1. Amy said,

    Kelly – those were so fun to read. Your kids are adoreable. I think our kids would have a blast playing together again. Happy Sunday!

    • Kelly said,

      Thanks Amy! Yes, I look forward to the day when we can get our kids together again…I wish it could be on a more regular basis!

  2. Billie said,

    Kelly, how your blog blesses me! I am so glad you sent the website to me. What a neat thing to do–25 things about Elia and JJ! You are such a wonderful mom. Thank you for sharing…

    • Kelly said,

      Thank you Billie, the 2 kids are the blessing!

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