Discovering New Tastes

February 5, 2010 at 9:13 pm (Cooking)

Before we had kids, John and I made a resolution one year to try a new restaurant every month.  We had fun keeping that resolution, of course choosing to travel all over the city for new, local, unique food as opposed to hopping down to the newest chain restaurant in town.

When Elia was born our dining habits fell by the wayside…for the next 5 years!  We just recently decided to pick up where we left off, this time with 2 kids in tow.  Now I’m not sure what was holding us back these last few years.  Why did it take us 5 years to realize that we can certainly find plenty of family-friendly restaurants that are slightly more authentic than Applebees?

Last weekend we found a tiny Korean restaurant run by a family who did not speak English.  They did have a picture menu with English translations so we could prder, but no one could answer our questions as to what was being served.  We all got hot tea, and then when our meal arrived, we were served about  9 different bowls of various garnishes and sides.  The only one I recognized was kimchi because my dad and I just shared a jar over the holidays.  The rest were a complete mytery, though I (and Elia!) tried every one.  One was a broad-leaf seaweed, wilted, and I’m sure another was a bowl of some kind of tentacles with sauce.  I wasn’t sure how to eat them either…do we stir them into our dish?  Eat them on their own?  And again the hosts couldn’t answer our questions.  We tried our best to watch another patron who was dining there and see what she did (she ended up leaving most of them alone).

It was a fun experience and delicious!  I loved my beef, noodle veggie dish that came out sizzling in its stone bowl.  It was presented with an over-easy egg on top that was supposed to be broken and stirred into the dish.  The bowl was so hot that the egg cooked as I ate my meal.   As you can tell, I’m still thinking about it.  We all found something new to eat there, and we’re looking forward to next month’s find!

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