We Have Butterflies!

February 20, 2010 at 5:26 pm (Education & Learning, Out in Nature)

First, we got them as tiny baby caterpillars.  I did not think to take a picture right then when they arrived, but they were probably 1/4″ long. They came in a container with some kind of brown food at the bottom.  They lived out their larvae life in this container, eating away at the food source, rolling it into little balls, and spinning silk all over the walls.

After about a week and a half, they crawled up to the lid and hung upside-down.  They curled their heads up so they were touching their bodies, and in a day or two, they had formed chrysalids.

We moved the paper to which they were attached over into the butterfly habitat.  And in another week-and-a-half they hatched as new butterflies! Two were born yesterday, and another was born just this morning.  There were 5 caterpillars, 5 chrysalids, and so far we have 3 Painted Lady butterflies.  We’ll wait and see if the other 2 make it!  Here are our new

We placed fresh flowers in their house, so they can drink the nectar:

They also like fruit juice!

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