Frog Hunting

April 2, 2010 at 7:52 pm (Out in Nature)

Here we are, on our afternoon of frog hunting.  Right now the frogs are everywhere!  There are several wetland areas around our neighborhood, and they are filled with singing frogs, almost around the clock.  Occasionally we’ll hear an isolated, solo performance right under our window, but for the most part, we are serenaded with a constant chorus of croaking.  When you get right into their habitats, it is very loud!  So we went out the other day, armed with nets & buckets to see who we could find & capture.  Here is JJ, dressed for his bike ride:

Elia walks along the edge of the wetland, checking all the clumps of grass that may be good hiding spots:

Yes, that’s my kitchen strainer!

A great frog hideout:

JJ, doing a sweep of the area, and one-eared Panga in the background:

JJ quickly gave up on hunting frogs and liked throwing clumps of dirt into the water way better.  Here he is, attempting to dislodge “the hugest clump, Mom!”

A tiny find:

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