May 4, 2010 at 8:28 pm (General)

We just returned from Minneapolis, where we spent some time visiting family, friends, and best of all, little cousins!  After a visit with 18-month-old Oscar, JJ went to say goodbye, and ended up trying to drag him to his feet and lift him off the floor.  I think it caught Oscar off-guard at first, but when JJ managed to return Oscar’s little feet to stability, he only wanted more from his “big” cousin.  Then Elia got to try picking Oscar up, and the siblings tried picking up each other.  It was bonding time all around!

Oscar looks a little uncomfortable (“What the…?”), and I don’t think his feet quite made it off the ground:

Elia gives Oscar a big heave-ho and picks him up snug & tight:

JJ tries again…he’s got the hang of it now, and gets Oscar’s feet definitely off the ground!  Oscar is having a blast:

Now JJ’s turn to be the “picked-upper”:

He is so into it!

The kids say good-bye.  They love their uncle Tim!

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