Growing Frogs

May 25, 2010 at 2:50 pm (Education & Learning, Out in Nature)

This is our newest project; an amphibian habitat so we can catch, keep and raise a few tadpoles.  When I say “a few” I mean about 2 dozen.  At once.  The kids have been wanting to set up my old aquarium for a long time, and I just haven’t been ready to take on another animal-keeping responsibility.  We do already have a dog, a guinea pig, a fish, and some butterflies, and I just didn’t think I wanted to add any more.  But then I see how much fun the kids have catching things from the pond and bringing them home to observe, and I figured it wouldn’t be TOO much more trouble to set up and maintain the aquarium.  Especially if it can be fairly self-sustaining.

We spent the better part of yesterday setting everything up, and the kids scooped up a bunch of whatever they could find in the pond.

There are about 24 tadpoles of various sizes in there…some are just little black blobs, and others have already sprouted tiny back legs.

We like it when they smile at us with their cute black lips.

Added a couple of algae eaters…

…a bundle of green fuzz as a source of food and oxygen…

…and this guy. Just for good measure.

We’ll see what happens and how long this lasts!


  1. Billie said,

    I love this story, too! To be honest, I was wondering about the fish pictures I received from Elia…now I understand! It’ll be fun to see how the tadpoles have grown when we are in OR around 23rd of June! Love you guys…

    • Kelly said,

      Yes, I should do an “update” post!

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