Pantry Raid

July 9, 2010 at 6:10 am (Cooking)

No matter how little food I think we have left, my kids always seem to find something to eat when they’re hungry.  They are allowed full access to the fridge and pantry, so they frequently go searching for something to eat when they are hungry. Most of the time.  Sometimes JJ just complains about being hungry but won’t do anything about it.  I used to think that was because food supplies were running low; those are the days when I have to get pretty creative in putting a meal together and my kids are lost when it comes to finding something to eat on their own.

But after today, I’m not so sure.  They seemed to do just fine even though I’ve been struggling with lunches and dinners.  We still have 6 more days to go before our Azure order comes in, and our shelves and fridge are restocked.  Until then, what did the kids end up with after this scene (which was supposed to be a secret raid, as they wanted to bring the food up to their rooms)? Their snack today consisted of olives, honey, caramels, and almonds; an excellent use of leftovers!

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