My Life in a Bag

August 24, 2010 at 6:05 am (General)

I saw my purse sitting by the back door the other day, and what I saw in it pretty well sums up my life at the moment:

Brain, Child….maintaining my razor-sharp thinking skills with “The magazine for thinking mothers”. Or at least by carrying this magazine around I am giving the impression that I’m capable of critical thinking beyond, “what’s the most effective (read: least tactile) way of cleaning up bodily fluids?”

Sienna brochure: I can’t believe it, but we are thinking about mini-vanning ourselves.  As uncool as they may seem, they sure do make a lot of sense.  Though, this decision is overwhelming my Thinking Mother brain.

Water bottle: I look at this and I see a representation of everything I do to try to take care of myself physically. I adopt Jane Nelsen’s approach to positive discipline–that children DO better when they FEEL better–as words to live by for myself.  Kelly does better when she feels better.

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