Some Pig

September 15, 2010 at 9:32 am (Play Time)

There’s something about animals that is very centering.  They help us realize our capabilities and keep us focused on what’s really important in life.  We’ve had our little guinea pig, Brownie, since JJ was a few months old.  The very first time he pulled himself up to standing was so he could get a better look at her after she came home.

Having small animals has been very therapeutic for our kids, and has helped teach them how to be gentle (JJ especially!).

As you can see, she’s very tolerant of many “fun games”, such as wearing a doughnut necklace…

…flying with a cape on…

(Wonderpets, Wonderpets, we’re on our way…)

…sitting with the dogs…

But, in general, she has been an excellent pet for us; teaching the kids about giving consistent and loving care and helping to soothe them by always being up for a cuddle.


  1. Amy said,

    Cute pics Kelly! Did you guys get another dog? I love the one where Brownie is a wonder-pet – very cute!

    • Kelly said,

      It’s our neighbor’s dog. I can see how it sounded like they’re both our dogs!

  2. Janet said,

    Aww. I love those pictures. JJ was such a cute baby, too. I don’t think we were back in touch yet at that point.

    I almost asked you about guinea pigs a month or so ago. One of my students came into lessons and said his guinea pig had babies the night before and did I want one for my daughter. We thought really seriously about it, but found out the babies would have to stay with the mom for a month or more anyway. And so far the child hasn’t mentioned it again. But the Wonderpets have had an impact here too. Lauren wants a guinea pig or a turtle! (Actually she wants a dog the most, but that’s a definate no at this point.)

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Kelly said,

      In those pictures, he was just a little older than Eric is now! He was such a round-faced chunk, and so sweet. That’s so funny that Lauren wants one of the Wonderpets! The guinea pig has really been a good first pet for our young kids.

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