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October 18, 2010 at 7:47 am (Attachment Parenting, General)

I’ve been blogging for almost 3 years now; I never thought I’d make it this long!  When I first posted, my kids were 1.5 and 2 (almost 3) years old, and I had been on an amazing journey of self discovery for those almost-3 years.  Becoming a parent had changed the course of my life, and it changed my outlook on just about everything, including who I needed to be in order to bring out the potential I saw in my infant children.  Over the last 3 years, my life and this blog have gone through some changes, but the focus remains the same.  Here is my first PFS post from January 2008:

“I can’t believe I have entered the world of Blogging!  First off, I feel like I have to provide the disclaimer that: I am not a writer, nor a philosopher.

“I am pretty introspective, though, and I think that affects my approach to parenting.  I am usually in ‘reflection mode’; carefully considering decisions I have made and ones that are soon-to-be made.  I decided to start a blog to help me sort through my parenting philosophy, and let others in on the process.”

This is still true.  Being a classic introvert, I am always reflecting, and I do always carefully consider my decisions about parenting.  I don’t think that will ever change.   But now I say with confidence that I’ve got my parenting philosophy “sorted out”; I wholly understand the concepts of attachment parenting, unconditional parenting, and positive discipline.  Now I’m just applying them practically to our life and family.  We’re past the “whys” and “what ifs”, and are on the “how-tos”.

“The title of this blog, ‘Parenting From Scratch’, was inspired by my enjoyment in making things from scratch.  I am proud of my homemade creations, from miscellaneous stuff like baby wipes and household cleaners, to snacks & cereals, but especially the baked goods–fresh breads, cookies, cakes, muffins & pies where every ingredient is as homemade as possible!  I am certain that anything I make from scratch tastes exceptionally better than anything I could buy in a store because of the effort, care & time involved in its creation.”

Well, I still make just about everything from scratch, but we’ve been eating less baked goods and more meats, vegetables, fruits, and dairy, which involve less “making” and are consequently less fun to photograph.  So you will probably not be seeing as much food photography on here, nor many posts about what we’ve been making in the kitchen.  Probably some (because even I can’t give up homemade desserts entirely), but less.

“I think it works the same for parenting.  Parenting from scratch (that is, throwing out all preconceived notions about how a family should look or how things should be done), as opposed to parenting out of a ‘pre-packaged container’ (someone else’s parenting routine all wrapped up and ready to use), is so much more enjoyable and effective because you take the time to put effort into your creation.  So here we go.  I’ll let you know what issues get a lot of effort and consideration around here!”

Attachment parenting, unconditional parenting, and positive discipline still get a lot of consideration, but less effort.  I set out to parent from scratch, and over the last 3 years have discovered our family’s connected parenting “recipe”.  Our children have guided us toward a successful blend of philosophy and approach, and I no longer have to carefully consider each element we want to “do”.  We simply live them.  This means, PFS readers, that you might not see posts that directly discuss a specific parenting approach or discipline strategy.  The posts might be more along the lines of “here’s what we did today”, as our activities and interests now inherently embody attached, unconditional parenting.

“As I am new to the world of blogs, these first few entries may be a little rough.  I expect it to take a little while before I am able to sit down and easily write a blog entry.  Right now it is hard for me, and I guess it will be until I can find my ‘voice’.”

Due to this blog, I now write for publication.  I still think I’m searching for my voice, and sometimes when I sit down, the words just don’t come (hence the many pictures-only posts), but in general, writing has gotten easier for me.  It used to take me sooo long to craft a post; now it only takes me so long.  A few less Os.

And my favorite part…the photos.  I love taking and sharing pictures of our kids!  They continue to amaze and enlighten me every day, and I love the enjoyment I get out of photos when my children can’t be right in my arms.    Here are the kids when I started this blog, and here they are now.

JJ at 18 months:

JJ at 4:

Superman outfit (size 18 months), Batman cape and gloves, and Spiderman underwear worn outside his clothes (like a superhero really should).  The underwear is also on backwards, so as to see Spiderman better.

Elia, age 2:

Elia age 5:

I absolutely love her style!  It’s so Elia.

This blog started with about 3 readers; my immediate family.  Now there are readers from all over world. Looking at the hits from the past three days, I see 17 different states represented, as well as countries including Canada, Austria, Israel, Mexico, Cyprus (a small island just West of Syria in the Mediterranean Sea, for those of you who didn’t know.  I didn’t.), China, England, and France.  Thanks, PFS readers, for joining and sticking with me over these last 3 years!


  1. Stephanie B. Cornais said,

    I briefly read the intro in my reader and almost started panicking! I thought this was going to be a good bye post!
    Keep up the good work!

    • Kelly said,

      Ha! Not yet…I am enjoying this!

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