Justifying Priorities

October 24, 2010 at 8:57 pm (General)

This morning I took Panga for a walk in the woods and discovered it’s time to update my winter wardrobe.  After last night’s torrential downpour, the last reminders of summer have literally been washed away.  Those annoying across-the-path spiderwebs have been rain-beaten down, clingy remnants of overripe blackberries lost to the underbrush, and the now-softened “ceilings” of gopher tunnels have become ankle-twisting sink holes.  And although the sky was clear this morning, the rain continued under the trees.  As Panga and I walked through the cool air, drippy rain forest, and muddy trails, I realized that if we are to continue our walks this winter, my chaffing boots, wet jeans, and exposed neck will never do.

I thought about getting myself some rain pants (never had a pair of those before), as well as a pair of sturdy, waterproof hiking boots, unlike the mid-calf (and oh-so-fashionable) swirly pink and purple wellies I had on today.  And since I plan to walk Panga all winter, rain or shine, I thought she might benefit from an insulated rain coat…you know, for dogs.  Yes, they make those.  And before you scoff loud enough for me to hear you all the way over here in Oregon, know that Panga is a(n old(er)) dog who has zero body fat and only a thin layer of very short fur.  She shivers. OK?  Am I justified?

I figured that winter weather gear should be easy to find right now, as it’s currently the season for it.  Then I thought, Gee, it’s too bad I can’t think of these things at the end of last season, so I might have a hope of buying stuff at a reasonable price. Right now in Oregon, rain gear is at its peak.

I guess I’m not a person who can get it together enough to do seasonal shopping in the off-season.  Or maybe I just can’t do it at this point in my life….I like to think I have other priorities.  Though, I know so many moms who can and do search out amazing bargains and plan ahead for post-season clearance sales and have stores practically pay them to shop there.  I know it’s possible, and it sounds really awesome.  I’m just not able to devote the time and energy into bargain shopping and predicting next year’s needs during last year’s post-season sale.

I’m OK with not being one of those moms.  If all I can do is plan one meal ahead, or what clothes I need to make wearable tomorrow, or what my kids need most from me right now, or what I need most from me right now, or how soon we all can go to bed tonight….so be it.  I’ll accept the fact that I may have to sacrifice dollars and cents for time, sleep, personal fulfillment, and general clarity.  In exchange for my sanity, I’ll pay full retail for specialized seasonal items like a purple doggie rain coat.

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  1. Amy said,

    What a great post Kelly! Love Panga’s coat – what about your new ensemble? My thoughts exactly on bargaining. I’m not cut out for it. Hope you guys are doing well.

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