Waiting for a Rainbow

November 19, 2010 at 7:21 am (General)

It’s 5:00 am…rainy…cold…very blustery outside.  Inside there is fire…tea…writing…solitude…ahh.  It’s one of my favorite times of day.  Made even more cozy than usual this morning by the stark contrast of the icy rain pelting the windows and the quiet warmth in here.  I sit here, enjoying my time alone, wondering what kind of day the kids and I will have.  Lately, they’ve not been easy.  I just wonder if, one of these days, we’ll have a pleasant day from wake-up to bedtime?  Is that possible to have a day without conflict and frustration?  Would it even be interesting?  Right now it sounds pretty welcome.

I took this picture just a few days ago from our front porch.  It’s one of Portland’s wintertime perks; we see lots of rainbows. They are the “pleasantness” that appears after a rainstorm (though “storm” is not really the right word, as it’s more like a constant, steady rain for varying periods of time).  Always, after we’ve had some rain, I’ll start checking out the windows thinking, “Is it time for a rainbow yet?”  I’ve learned what rainbow weather looks like; the rain dwindles, but doesn’t disappear completely, and the sun begins to show itself, though not completely or directly.  The sky is a perfect blend of grayness and light.  Then there is a stunning display of color…not everlasting but a beautiful, welcome change from the rain.

Is it time for a rainbow in our house yet? Maybe today will be “rainbow weather” for us.

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