Elia’s First Book; Age 5

November 21, 2010 at 8:13 pm (Education & Learning, General)

Elia has been working on a book for a few weeks, and she was so proud to finish it today!  She started it a while ago, and every so often she picks it up and writes some more in it; adding chapters as she thinks of new things to write. She usually writes on the floor, hunched over, hard at work.

She has completed it all on her own, even folding and taping the pages to get it into “book” format.  Here is her finished product:

“Pets–Around the World,” by Elia

Chapter 1

Hi!  I’m Elia and this is my hamster Moonbeam.  Moonbeam is a great hamster.  She is great at the circus

and the obstacle course I made for her.  She went to the circus and she did an act there.  She jumped the ring of fire and she didn’t touch the flames.  She also did a puppet show! At home I built a maze and she ran through it really fast.  (illustration of the outline of Moonbeam’s maze with an archway at the start and end, and Elia off to the side.) She was at

the start of the maze and then she was at the end.

Chapter 2

I was at the pet store and held a puppy!

It was so cute!  And soft.

Chapter 3

This is my dog Panga.  She is a great dog!  One day we went to the dog park

and she ran around and played! (illustration of Panga)

Chapter 4

Now for my fish–her name is Sky. She knows when I’m feeding her! (illustration of Sky in her bowl with food flakes all around)

I had a frog but it died.  😦  Her name was Sweetheart.

I love animals (“a” = animals)

(No subtitles necessary!)

The proud author:

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