Christmas Moments

December 26, 2010 at 12:34 pm (General)

During Christmas eve dinner, we were talking in anticipation of the next day…what would happen, what we were looking forward to, what we wanted to do first.  I said, “It’ll be a fun day tomorrow.”  Elia replied, “It will be a fun day tomorrow because of two things…One, it’s always a fun day!  And two, it’s Christmas.”

Speaking of Christmas eve dinner, I made a potato-bacon-leek soup.  This soup is so good, and it never seems to make enough, so I doubled the recipe to be able to freeze some and also enjoy leftovers the next day.  I had a good laugh because by the time I added the last ingredient, the pot was so full I couldn’t get the spoon in to stir it; only the surface tension of the soup itself was keeping it from spilling over the sides!  Here is a picture of the fullest pot of soup I’ve ever seen:

The next morning we got up, and I finished the cinnamon rolls, whose dough had begun kneading in the bread machine at 5:00 am.  Then we started the fire and opened presents, and although the stockings were stuffed, the ones everyone was most excited to open were the ones to and from each other.  The kids had so much fun choosing and wrapping gifts for our family, so we started with those first.

The kids did enjoy their stocking gifts, too, and Elia astutely noted, “I think Santa must buy stuff at the store.”

After a while, when it looked like the stockings might be all empty, I asked, “JJ is there anything left in yours?”  To which he cheerfully replied, “Nope! Just goo!” And he went on to find a present under the tree.

Wait, back up…goo?  I wondered why there would be “goo” in the bottom of his stocking, but more than that I was amused that he didn’t care.  At all.  Huh, what’s this?  Goo?  OK!  Moving on. (Incidentally, the goo was chocolate that had melted because the stocking was hanging too close to the fire.)

In all, the kids opened some really wonderful toys that they love and will get a lot of use out of for a long time, and will be great keepsakes after that.  But when someone asked JJ what he got for Christmas, his first response was (jumping up and down), “I got GUUUUUUUM!”

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  1. Amy said,

    Kelly – I’d love the recipe for your soup. I’m always looking for yummy soups to make. Thanks!

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