This Year, I Resolve

December 31, 2010 at 8:04 am (General)

In the past, I have enjoyed making new year’s resolutions; it’s inspiring to think of how I can work to become a better person over the next year.  There’s always room for that!  But  becoming a better person has become a regular part of my life.  Self improvement is something I constantly think about, and new resolutions come forth all year long.  I’ve had a few that I’ve been working on already (sit straight, drink water, sleep more), and I’ll continue to do those.  For some reason, it seems silly to declare a resolution just because it’s the start of a new year, as they seem to have become an intrinsic part of who I am.  So, yes I do have some resolutions, but they’re not really because of today’s date.  They’re…just because.  This year, I resolve

…to get my pictures organized.  I want them in albums and on disks.  I resolve to preserve memories.

…to do more flexibility exercises like yoga.  They are good for your whole body, inside and out, in a way that strictly cardio or strength isn’t.  I resolve to feel good.

…to continue to find balance in work, life & play.  I want an organized house.  I want to have more presence with my kids.  I want to establish a regular fitness routine.  I resolve to get it together.

…to improve my mothering skills, specifically to take a step back and let my kids be who they are; to accept them fully with all their moods (ups and downs), habits (nail biting), behaviors (whining), likes (weapons) & dislikes (most ingredients in a salad).  Being able to accept who they are will help me find more helpful ways of responding to annoying behavior.  When I know I’m not trying to change them, but only help them and teach them, I am better able to avoid using inattentive, hands-off, misguided parenting techniques like yelling or threatening.  I will respond in ways that put a loving connection and understanding between us, rather than fear and distance.  I resolve to stay calm.

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