My Favorite Things

January 7, 2011 at 7:01 am (General)

Clean kids. As in just-out-of-the-bath-and-into-pjs-with-hair-still-wet-but-combed clean kids.

Cookies. There are several conditions for cookies to make it on this list.  They certainly can’t be  just any old cookies. First, they must be drop cookies.  Second, they must be made with the highest quality natural ingredients, the crucial ones ones being butter, sugar and salt.  Third, they must be fresh; less than one hour hour old.  Any more than that will do, but, while technically still edible, they’ve lost too much moisture and freshness, and consequently their “favorite” status.  And I don’t even bother with day-old cookies.

My food processor. It’s heavy, quiet, efficient, and well-used; most often for mayonnaise, pesto, and nut butters.  Peanut butter made in this machine turns out so creamy and without sugar or hydrogenated vegetable oils.  I love it.

Elia’s cuddles. She’s so long & lean, it’s hard for her to get snuggly, but she finds a nook against my shoulder and fits so comfortably there.

Cilantro. I’ve heard that cilantro has a love/ hate relationship with most people.  I love, love, love (love) cilantro!  I wish I could put it on everything.

The moment JJ comes to find me every morning. Just upon waking, his “hi mom,” is husky and soft, his hugs are forthcoming, relaxed, and long.  For the first minute of his day, everyday, he melts into me.

Roasted garlic. Whole cloves of garlic roasted until they are spreadably soft.

Our camera. It was very worth the investment to get a great digital camera.  We have so many frame-worthy shots; so many moments captured that I never would have gotten with our previous camera.  (This happens to not be one of those shots, but it does show the camera!)

Authentic Mexican street tacos. A double layer of soft corn tortillas filled with hot grilled chicken, grilled onions, pico de gallo (spicy), cilantro (overflowing, please), and fresh lime.

Sea salt on top of baked goods. Like cookies.

Days at home. I like my house, I love my kids, and I treasure the days when we are all home together with nowhere to be.

My blog. This medium for expressing myself fits me. How else would I be able to let people know the defining details of my life not directly asked of me in conversation?  Being so reserved my whole life, I’m thankful everyone can finally get to know me.

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