JJ Humor

January 9, 2011 at 9:55 pm (Play Time)

These are moments when JJ made me smile.  This is evidence of him playing with his toys and thinking, “Hmmm, what would be funny?  I know!”  In both of these pictures, he was very purposeful with what he was doing, and I love seeing the logic behind his choices…

Do I need to explain?  The Hulk is, well…The Hulk, and the AT-AT is huge, and it made sense to JJ that the two could go together somehow.  He came running to show me what he put together, and it wasn’t just the physical maneuvering and balancing act that he was proud of; it was the entire line of thinking that went behind the set-up of this little scene.

If you’re not familiar with Harry Potter, I probably do need to explain this one…See the guy with the white face and slits for a nose?  That’s Lord Voldemort.  And see the brown wizard hat with the face on it?  That’s the sorting hat.  Just know that the idea of Voldemort wearing the sorting hat as part of his ensemble is hilarious.  For JJ to put this together shows some genuine humor!

It’s so wonderful to see his personality developing like this; he can be quite a funny guy!

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