Tae Kwon Do

January 17, 2011 at 2:50 pm (General)

JJ seems to have done a lot of growing up lately.  He has been quite agreeable, clever, fun, and funny. I can’t remember the last time he had a fit about something, and even Elia has noticed a difference in him!

He also started Tae Kwon Do several weeks ago, which he enjoys a lot.  I don’t think it’s the Tae Kwon Do that has helped him with his recent change in demeanor and self-discipline; it just happened to be a good time to start Tae Kwon Do.  Though, some parents might disagree with me.

I know many moms and dads put their kids in Tae Kwon Do specifically for its curriculum of discipline and respect.  But their methods for teaching this is actually my least favorite part of the class.  It’s very conditional, with a strong emphasis on being “good” and “obeying”.  I’m all for learning discipline and respect; I just think there are more appropriate ways to teach it than pressuring kids to obey so they can earn a belt.

In the beginning, I didn’t think this class would be a good fit for us, but  JJ loves learning the moves and playing the games.  I decided that I can focus on that, the fun stuff, instead of the punishments and rewards, which is turning out to be easier than I thought.

At two classes per week, it sometimes feels like a chore to go, but once we’re there he loves every minute of it.


He has a smile on his face throughout the class, except when he’s doing his kicks and punches (when it’s a loud “Eeeaah!”), and the ten-second bouts of “mind focus,” during which he concentrates very hard.


  1. Nicole Case said,

    I love these pictures! JJ is so cute.

  2. Janet said,

    Great pictures! JJ looks so happy and focused. I hope he continues to enjoy his classes. It’s nice to have a physical outlet like that especially when the weather is (I assume) not so good.

    I enjoyed reading your thoughts about the respect/discipline aspect of the class. We are starting a new “adventure” in our house too. Lauren is beginning cello lessons! She’s been asking for over a year and I’ve been putting her off because I didn’t want to have struggles about practicing, etc. But I spoke (at length!) with the cello teacher and what won me over was when she told me that Lauren WOULD be able to play the songs, but I should have no expectations on how long it would take. She said something like, “You didn’t ask if she would walk, or if she would talk. It was just a matter of time”. It spoke to how I have tried to approach so many “baby” things (sleeping thru the night?!)and I knew we could do it. She started on the 31st and I’m so excited for her!

  3. Kelly said,

    That sounds like a really good fit for a teacher of a young child! No pressure…just trusting that kids will pick it up and learn it in their own time. That’s what will keep it fun and keep them going at it; when they know it’s not “work” they’re expected to do. How cool that she’s learning cello! Is it Suzuki? I bet it’s adorable to see (and hear) her play!

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