March 27, 2011 at 6:22 am (Play Time)

We have rats in our house.  On purpose.  The kids each share their room with an adorable pet rat.  Elia got hers a few months ago (for $3 from the reptile “feeder” bin in the back room of the pet store), and we all enjoyed this rat’s company, her antics, and her ease of care so much that we agreed that getting a second rat for JJ would be not only feasible but very valuable for him.  JJ was so excited to get his a few weeks ago, and now both kids love having their own warm, furry friend to take care of.

Elia’s sweet girl, Goochie (pronounced so that the “oo” rhymes with “book”):

Surprisingly, these rats are quite personable.  We let them out to play everyday, and enjoy the show of antics and interactions they put on for us.  Panga is especially entertained.  They forage.  They scurry. They roll around and squeak.   They don’t find a small dark place and stay there;  they come out to find new things.  They are infintely curious.  They pounce on feet.  They don’t bite.  They solve problems.  They learn.  They remember. They wash their faces often.  They find things to carry around.  They wrestle balloons.  And they are tolerant of little hands and squishy cuddles.

(JJ and Cookies)

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