Easter Eggs

May 1, 2011 at 2:19 pm (Cooking)

I better post these pictures before they get too dated!  I took a few of our Easter egg creations.  This year we tried some natural dyes, and I was curious to see how they would stain brown eggs.

Blue started with red cabbage, grape juice, and canned blueberries (not pictured):

Pink was a mixture of cranberry juice and beets:

Also orange and green; carrots and spinach:

Although the orange and green didn’t take at all (those are on the very bottom of the bowl, still brown), the pink and blue did very well.  They turned out so pretty!

Also a batch of homemade dark chocolate truffles for our Easter sweets:


  1. tris said,

    Do you have a recipe to share for those dark chocolate truffles? They look divine!!

    • Kelly said,

      Tris, it is so easy! You can use any type of chocolate, we just like dark. And I rolled these truffles in cocoa powder, but you could roll them in anything…ground nuts, coconut, powdered sugar, etc. Here is the recipe:

      Chocolate Truffles
      12 oz chocolate, chopped fine
      8 oz heavy cream
      1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder

      In a medium sauce pan, heat cream over low heat until boiling. Place chocolate into a large mixing bowl. Pour hot cream over chocolate. Let sit for 5 minutes, then whisk until smooth. Cool to room temperature (several hours); chocolate mixture should be firm but not hard. Scoop out bite-sized portions of chocolate; as big or small as you’d like your truffles to be. Place on wax paper and refrigerate until firm. Working quickly, use the palms of your hands to roll each chocolate scoop into a ball. If the chocolate becomes too warm & soft to roll, place them back in the fridge to firm up. Coat each truffle in cocoa powder or desired topping. Serve truffles at room temperature.

  2. tris said,

    That doesn’t sound hard at all – thank you!

  3. Amy said,

    YUM! I was going to ask for the recipe as well. Will have to try this.

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