Don’t You Love Being a Mom?

May 8, 2011 at 8:13 pm (General)

Happy mother’s day to all the wonderful mamas out there!  Here’s to celebrating the value of motherhood.  Here’s to appreciating the infinite value our children add to our own lives.  Here’s to reciprocating the unconditional love our children have for us.  Here’s to our continual efforts to be mindful moms.  Here’s to striving to see and understand our children for who they are.

Here’s to my mom for teaching me what’s fundamentally important in life and how to be true to myself.  I love you, Mom!

Four generations of women: my mom, grandma (age 90 in this photo, 96 today!), baby Elia at 6 months (age 6 today), and me

Here’s to loving, compassionate, dedicated mothers everywhere and the remarkable children that make them so!


  1. Amy said,

    Cheers to that! Hope you had a great Mother’s Day. Off subject, love the map behind the couch – we just bought a huge one for the wall in our kitchen for dinner discussions. We must talk soon!!!!

    • Kelly said,

      Yes, we must! We have lots to catch up on. And we love our giant map, too. We find ourselves drawn to it and talking about it a lot…more than I expected!

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