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June 22, 2011 at 6:28 am (General, Positive Discipline)

OK, Parenting From Scratch readers, I recently took a step forward as a positive discipline writer;  have a new Facebook page.  It’s not specifically a “Parenting From Scratch” page; it’s a page for all of my writing on positive discipline, but the PFS blog will also be linking there.  In addition to linking new PFS entries there, I will be sharing & linking all of the other articles I write for parenting publications.

I work for The Attached Family magazine as their positive discipline editor, as well as write a monthly columnist for the online version of the magazine.  I also work as a freelance writer on the topic of positive discipline and write for as many parenting publications as will have me.  So the work I do that I don’t post on PFS, I will post on Facebook.

“Parenting From Scratch” has actually been linking automatically over on the Facebook page for a while, but the page wasn’t fully complete yet, so I couldn’t announce it.  It’s complete-enough now, so please join me over there to see more articles on positive discipline!

Find “Kelly Bartlett, writer” on Facebook

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