Summer Activities

August 17, 2011 at 3:05 pm (Just Photos, Out in Nature, Play Time)

I have pictures.

I occasionally like to do posts in which I share a bunch of photos of the things we’ve been up to and catch everyone up on our recent activities.  Well, we’ve had a busy summer, and this is one of those posts.

First, swimming, lots of swimming.

When we see a huge mound of dirt, we go play on it.

Here, Elia is grinding wheat with a stone:

John enjoys taking the kids fly fishing, and he lets them do as much of the reeling, netting, and releasing (always catch and release) as possible.  My husband is absolutely in his element on a river, and the kids are getting to be pros already.  JJ got out there to net one and haul it in on his own.

JJ had a birthday last month.  He requested “a playable Angry Birds cake.” He wanted a working sling shot, small cake-birds sized accordingly to said slingshot, cake blocks loosely constructed in a tower formation atop a cake base with green frosting grass, with cake-pigs perched strategically throughout the structure that would fall when he launched the cake-birds at them.  I told him I couldn’t do that.

He told me I should go to cake decorating school.

For lack of time to graduate cake decorating school before his birthday, we settled on an alternative plan.  Elia helped me make chocolate cake and 4 different colors of frosting, and the result after 2 days of creation and construction was a passable substitute for a playable Angry Birds cake.

And our latest venture: canoeing for crawfish.  John gets the credit for planning these happy outings:

We release them into our neighborhood pond so we can come find them again and say hi.

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