Here Lives Elia

August 24, 2011 at 5:49 am (General)

The walls are pink.  The bedspread has horses on it.  The throw pillows are animal print and ruffly.  There are jewels on the curtains and butterflies on the walls.  There is obvious personalization…

…and items that show who she is.  Hand-made clay sculptures, 2-headed dragons, boxes full of trinkets, an iPod full of literary escapes.  There is a model of the human heart.

Her first-ever allowance purchase hangs by the windows to soak up the sun and glow at night.  She saved $5 and chose this over anything else in the toy store:

There are stickers. Everywhere.

There are reminders (given with peace and love).

The Sharpie art is collecting, evolving, expressing in the closet.

There is Elia.  Everywhere.

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