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October 6, 2011 at 5:18 am (Attachment Parenting, General, Positive Discipline)


For anyone looking for more information on positive parenting, there are tons of resources available.  I think I subscribe to all of them.  No, I’m just kidding.  In fact, I know there are many more resources out there than I am currently aware because it seems like every day I discover a new one.  I’ll read a book I hadn’t heard of before, or become a new fan of someone’s Facebook page. Add it to the list.  While I don’t love every site out there, I find that if the authors truly understand the philosophy of unconditional, relationship-based parenting, they are all usually at least a little bit helpful.


But I do have my favorites, and I want to share some with you.  If you haven’t heard of these resources before, go check them out.  If you are already fans, fantastic (yes, pun intended).  And if you have a positive parenting resource that you like that is not on my list here, even more fantastic…stick with it, and I’m glad it’s helping you.  Feel free to let me know what it is; it might already be somewhere on my list, or might become my new “like” today.

These are just my favorites; the ones that helped me the most in learning positive parenting, and the ones that I continue to enjoy:

Associations. These are organizations that offer a variety of different services such as classes, support groups, training, conferences, teleseminars, podcasts, publications, online forums, etc.  It’s helpful to at least subscribe to the email lists of these organizations, and membership is a plus.

Books. I’ve read many, and these are my favorites, in no particular order:

Programs. These are training programs; classes you can take to learn a particular approach to parenting, usually based on a book.  They are taught by local, certified trainers.

Discussion Groups. There was a time when I belonged to 17 Yahoo parenting discussion groups.  This was back when Yahoo was “in” for social media and discussions.  Now I’ve moved over to Facebook for most of my group conversations, but I still have a few Yahoo groups on my list (none of which happen to be parenting-related anymore, and all of which seem pretty antiquated).

With all of my online discussion groups, I read far more than I post.  But that’s just me.  I’m a pretty quiet person in general, and in real-life-groups I listen more than I talk. 🙂   But when I was beginning my parenting journey, I loved knowing that whenever I did have a question or frustration to share, there was a group of like-minded moms available online to ask.

If you’re learning about positive parenting, I encourage you to find a discussion group to join.  It helps so much to be able to have somewhere to ask questions, gain perspective, and hear examples from others.  What’s most important is the expertise of the blog/ page/ forum owner(s) and the tone that is set for the discussions.  Here are some options:

  • Positive Parenting Toddlers and Beyond; A Facebook page that is dedicated to questions & answers
  • Positive Discipline Discussion Forum; A formal and well-organized discussion forum hosted by Jane Nelsen of the Positive Discipline Association
  • Facebook pages; you can post a question on almost any group’s wall and get responses from other members or the page owner. You can also participate in conversations on other people’s posts.
  • Blogs; Conversations can occur in the comment section of any blog.  This, of course, depends on the size of the readership (only a small percentage of any blog’s readers post comments), as well as the dedication of the blogger (meaning, do they ever intend to respond to comments on the blog? Many bloggers adopt a “talk amongst yourselves” approach). Bloggers all have different styles, intentions, and levels of readership, so comment conversations will certainly vary.  The point is, comment bars can be a helpful place to ask and answer.

Blogs. I subscribe to a bunch of positive parenting blogs, but these are the ones I enjoy a lot and get the most out of:

These are a few resources in a variety of categories to get you started, but like I said, there’s more.  Chances are, if you look into some of these, you’ll find others (programs, classes, books, blogs) that you’ll like, too.  For now, happy reading, and here’s to parenting mindfully.



  1. CJ said,

    I’m bookmarking this now! Thank you so much! I rarely comment, but your resources have helped me a great deal!!

  2. Felissa Covin said,

    Hi Kelly!!!
    I love your blog!! Thank you so much for all your inspiring words and articles!!
    I am a PD educator here in Atlanta and today I was invited to a “Connection Parenting” class. I have never heard of it before a few days ago. The author of the book Connection Parenting is Pam Leo.
    Have you heard of this or the book? After sitting in the class for 2 hrs., there were a lot of similarities of PD. I am not sure if Pam Leo was Adlerian or not. I am going to sit down with the book tonight and learn a little more.

    Here is the site:
    Would love to know what you think if you have read the book or know anything about Pam Leo and Connection Parenting (the method).

    Felissa Covin

  3. Felissa Covin said,

    Ha!! I have to apologize. After I send my comment, I just reread your list and see that Pam Leo’s book was on there.
    Would love your thoughts.

    • Kelly said,

      Hi Felissa, I do love Connection Parenting! It is one of my favorite books…so easy to read, not technical or too wordy or too much science. A lot of great concepts. I wrote a tiny bit about it a while ago here, in this post:
      I don’t know if the concepts are based in Adlerian psychology, but they are definitely in line with PD. I’ve never taken the class, but if there was ever one offered around here, I would definitely sign up. I love that book!

  4. Mama and Baby Love said,

    What a gift! I will share this with my readers, thanks so much for making it easy to find all this information.

  5. Bonnie Harris said,

    Kelly – I was told about your recommendation of my site and work from someone who tracked your blog from Jane Nelson’s who lives in Perth, Australia. What a world! I am so pleased you have found and recognized my work as all the other resources you give are my favorites too. Love Gordon Neufeld, Laura Markam, Lu Hanessian, Alfie Kohn. Pam Leo’s is very much the same—a very simplified version. I also have a second book, Confident Parents, Remarkable Kids: 8 Principles for Raising Kids You’ll Love to Live With that I would love you to check out. Thanks for suggesting my facebook page, Bonnie Harris, Connective Parenting. Also interested parents can sign up for my 2x a month newsletter on my website – or Again thanks!!

    • Kelly said,

      Hi Bonnie! Oh my goodness, the internet connects us all, doesn’t it? Yes, I did read “Confident Parents” just recently and loved it! The principals you describe are so conducive to positive relationships, and I appreciated Part 2, the practical section on how to put the principals into action. I enjoy reading your blog and Facebook posts, too, but what I think I might enjoy most is seeing pictures of your adorable grandson! 🙂 Thanks for being in touch!

  6. Parenting Blogs You Should be Reading | Parenting From Scratch said,

    […] know there are many blogs that are great. Some of them I have featured in past posts of the best positive parenting resources and other excellent parenting resources. Some I have in mind for future posts. I’m sure […]

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