Giving Thanks

November 24, 2011 at 6:34 am (General)

I have been enjoying reading and sharing in my friends’ and family’s appreciations this month, and certainly have a list of my own. I am immensely grateful for my life and everyone in it.

Thirty Days of Thankfulness all in one sitting. Ready go.

1. My husband. For his never-ending love, support, encouragement, and unbelievable tenacity. He has given me the life I have today.

2. My children. For showing me the way.

Elia, 1 week

3. My mom and dad. For a solid foundation and the strongest start possible.

4. My brother and my sisters-in-law. For their perspective, humor, and unconditional acceptance.

5. Grandmas. For their wealth of knowledge and experience.

6. Our home. I don’t think a day goes by in which I don’t feel thankful for a warm, comfortable place to live. Too many people go without such a luxury.

7. Public libraries. My go-to escape.

8. Cilantro. That’s right. Thank you, cilantro, for bringing much joy to my taste buds.

9. Small local farms. For making it possible to give my family the highest quality nutrition.

10. Fitness instructors. For inspiring me to treat my body better.

11. Rainy nights. They bring our family closer together.

12. Our dog. For her constant, loyal companionship. And for protecting our house from neighborhood cats by trembling and sneezing at them.

13. Modern conveniences. Dishwashers, stand mixers, laptops, hot showers.

14. Heavy cream. For a touch of richness.

15. New days. Every day is another chance.

16. Authors. For taking me anywhere and teaching me anything. For putting my thoughts into eloquent words.

17. Skilled chefs. For cooking good food (or at least sharing their knowledge in a recipe) for me.

18. Close friends. No matter where they are, they always listen, always understand. No matter where, they’re always there.

19. Sports. For giving my son a much-needed outlet.

20. Belly laughs. Always up-lifting and contagious.

21. Kettlebells and kickboxing. For showing me that “P.E.” can actually be fun.

22. Free will. I’m thankful to be able to make my own choices.

23. Small animals. For a daily dose of cuteness.

24. Quality customer service. I greatly appreciate helpfulness and kindness in an industry where it is seen so rarely.

25. Mindless games. I need them as much as the brainy ones.

26. Little boys’ senses of humor. For new ways to see things.

27. Mistakes. For teaching me far more than lectures ever could.

27. Butter, flour, sugar & eggs. So I can bake something.

29. Children’s audio books. For a guaranteed-quiet car ride.

30. A well-stocked linen closet. I feel so fortunate to never be cold at night.

31. Oregon Hood berries. Setting the bar for deliciousness.

32. Mindful moms and dads. For dedicating your lives to improving this world, one child at a time.

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