Artistic Family Fun

December 22, 2011 at 7:22 am (Play Time)

We love the game “Guess My Picture.” It’s very visual, no reading required, and allows for some really creative interpretation. In re-creating photographs with simple geometric shapes, I get to see some fascinating distinctions between each of my kids.

Elia is quite literal; she notices the major shapes and proportions and assembles accordingly.

JJ is more abstract; he accentuates only the most distinguishing shapes of the object in the photo, creating a caricature.

I’m sure there are rules, but the way we play it, there are no winners nor any set end time. We just have fun guessing each other’s pictures until we get tired of it. Which, yesterday, took an hour.

And yes, that is Elia and me on the box. In case you were wondering.

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