A Diaper Bag to Cherish

February 3, 2012 at 6:11 am (General)

5 parts Fuzzi Bunz + 4 parts gDiapers = 1 sentimental diaper bag

Graduating to full-time potty use is an exciting a milestone and truly something to celebrate. (Should I be embarrassed to admit that I have a photo of Elia’s first pee in the potty?) Still, I couldn’t bear to get rid of our set of cloth diapers. After all, they had been so lovingly worn and washed for so long…too many wears and washes to count.

Once upon a time, I had babies in diapers. I carried them because they couldn’t yet walk. I nursed them because all they consumed was milk. I cradled them in my arms simply because I could. And through every precious moment, they wore diapers.

Seeing the diapers not being worn anymore–folded and stacked so quietly on the shelf–reminded me of  the many moments in which they were. Those clothing-optional days in the summer (OK, year-round) when the diaper was it. The sliver of  color forever peeking out from under the leg band of the onesie. The first item on the agenda every day, and the last thing to close out every evening.

The diapers remind me of laundry; of propping 2-year old Elia on the washing machine, my arm snugly around her back, and teaching her how to add soap to the water and to turn the knobs and push the buttons. Then seeing her chubby little hands clumsily fold and stack them fresh out of the dryer as we sat in the hallway together. Every day. The first thing my kids learned how to fold was a diaper.

So, thank you, Mom, for piecing this bag together for me. Thank you for understanding the sentiment a bunch of well-used diapers holds for a mom. Thank you for the memories I get to keep in my new diaper bag!


  1. Juliet said,

    This. Is. Amazing!!!

    Does your mom take orders?!! (Seriously! When my baby gets potty trained in a few years, I want one of these made from her diapers too!!)

    • Kelly said,

      Juliet, when you’re all done with your diapers, if you’re still thinking of this bag, email me! Seriously!

      • jaimey said,

        me too me too! (maybe make a pattern, I can sew, so I would be totally interested in that!)

  2. CJ said,

    The only thing more beautiful than that diaper bag is the sentiment behind it!

  3. Jennifer said,

    What a great idea! So wonderful.

  4. Jacklynn said,

    That is adorable!

  5. April Thatcher said,

    This made me cry but in a good way. It’s funny how our diapers become such an important part of our lives. As I watch my little one (the youngest of five) grow I’m saddened by the thoughts of no longer being a cloth diapering momma and how much I’ll miss my washes and the zen of folding and organizing them. Thanks for planting hope of finding a reason to get even more non-diapering use out of the diapers that will soon be left behind 🙂

    • Kelly said,

      “…the zen of folding and organizing”…Yes, so true for us, too! I love that.

  6. Amanda said,

    Love it! I’ve actually always wanted to make a quilt out of old baby clothes so I might have to just add some diapers to the quilt as well.

  7. Rheanna Christine said,

    this is so wonderful!!!!!!!

  8. Kamron said,

    Awww, brings a tear to my eye…wish I was talented enough to do this…in a few years when my LO is done. Can your talented Mom start taking orders??

  9. Dionna @ Code Name: Mama said,

    Oh my gosh – love!!

  10. Lainey said,

    Love the bag and love the thought behind it. You should so take order’s. My first is only 7 months but I would so have this done when he is potty trained.

  11. Ginger said,

    I wish I would have done this when my last baby was done with his cloth diapers. But, since I am fixin’ to be a Nana, I might do this with the grandbaby’s cloth when she is done with them.

  12. Heather @Cookies For Breakfast said,

    Oh my – I love this – I have tears in my eyes!! What a wonderful, sweet idea – I’m very sentimental and will have to keep this in mind down the road (though I have no talent for sewing!). Thank you for sharing!

  13. Brandi Elam said,

    Great post…I have had these same feelings and we are a year away from potty training.

    I love that bag! It is truly awesome! Your mom is very talented! And seriously…does she take orders?

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