My Matchmaker, Google

February 9, 2012 at 6:20 pm (General)

Being in Montana for a week means crafts with Grandma, sleepovers with cousins, ice skating, bowling, and lots of veg-out time by the fire. It also means I’m behind in my posts. I’ll get caught up early next week when we resume post-vacation ‘normal life.’ Until then, I’ll share with you an amusing list of search words that led readers here to PFS. I wonder if they found what they were looking for?

  • “How do i get dragon to remember my email address?”
  • “Wet kid”
  • “Muddy feet”
  • “Why do people prefer raising pets than children?”
  • “Grape natural dye”
  • “Rolled curtains handmade”
  • “Pumpkin stages”
  • “Airport clothe”
  • “Curious george is causing my child not to speak”
  • “Sweets in 1990”
  • “Picking cookies”
  • “Arguing with a computer”
  • “Scratch no more”
  • “Harry Potter Lord Voldemort”

And perhaps my favorite:

  • “Can I carry a hermit crab through airport security?”

I wonder if anyone came back?

Quite the stylish traveler


  1. Gavin Buckley said,

    I enjoyed that. I myself write a parenting blog and am constantly astounded that Google would not only direct such people to me, but that they would click on the link and continue to read. For example today alone I’ve had different people search for, “wheat jelly fish” and “clark gable perfect round nostrils.”

    Actually I made my own post about Google’s habit of sending weirdos to me and I think you might enjoy it,.

    • Kelly said,

      I did enjoy that! Thanks for the laugh 🙂

  2. Christine Gordon said,

    Reading what people googled that led them to my site is one of my favorite pastimes as well! Its hilarious! So, CAN you take a hermit crab through airport security? 🙂

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