JJ Moves

March 7, 2012 at 6:42 am (General)

Special time with JJ often involves me pushing him on the swing. He is most himself when he is in motion. For 20-or-so minutes a day, I get to know ever more about him as he swings and talks and swings and talks. And talks.

And talks.

We tell jokes, We play “What If.” We play 20 Questions. We play “Would You Rather.” He tells me what he would do if he were in unusual, extreme, and challenging situations:

  • He needs to go get a bad guy who was flying in a pirate ship in the sky.
  • He needs to fight a battle but could only use one arm and one leg.
  • He is stranded on a rock in a lake of lava.

JJ is happy to talk always and everywhere, but our $10 IKEA swing has been particularly conducive to conversations. He just loves being in motion, and is completely in his element when he gets to move his body and chatter away at the same time.

When no one is available for JJ to play with or talk to, the swing has also been a perfect “by-myself” activity for him. He definitely prefers to have someone with him, asking anyone who is around, “Want to come keep me company while I swing?” But since the answer is not always yes, his audio books provide a fair substitute. Listening to stories while he swings helps satisfy that need for verbal stimulation.

JJ will happily swing by himself, as well as talk to himself in solitary play. But swinging while talking? Well, that’s just heaven in the playroom.


  1. spunkysalymander said,

    how did you mount this in the ceiling? I love this idea!! my son has a sensory integration disorder and responds really well to motion as well as my 2yr old daughter who is just now learning to swing and can’t always play outside by herself on the swings…

    • Kelly said,

      IKEA sold large brackets to go with their ceiling-hanging stuff (they have other chairs & decor that hangs from ceilings), so we picked up two of those along with the swing. But I think any hardware store would have something similar…especially if you had the swing to take in ask what they had available to mount it. We used the widest, longest screws we could that would fit in the bracket holes. Then, just made sure it was drilled right into the ceiling beams. It’s very secure…*I* have no problem swinging on it!

  2. Hasti Kashfia said,

    Just found your blog and I’m in love with all of it! This is a great idea! My son has sensory integration issues too, and we’ve moved to positive discipline this past year. I can’t wait for future posts!

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