Words of Maturity

April 30, 2012 at 6:25 am (General)

JJ is 5, and sometimes he says things that make me think he is much older…or at least makes me aware that he’s growing up faster than I realize.

One night, about a half-hour after he was tucked in, I peeked in his room and found him siting up in bed with his table lamp on and an open book in his lap. He looked up  and informed me, “I’m just doing a bit of light reading before I go to sleep.”


And though Elia is only 7, she’s an old soul; innately mature.  She considers matters carefully and gives a serious response. Upon greeting her at the bus stop after school last week…

Me: Hi Babe! (Big hug) How was your day?

Elia: [Pause] I’m very satisfied with my library books.

Their authenticity is refreshing.

Speaking of books, we’re about to get up close and personal with ours this week. It’s national Screen Free Week, and for the next seven days, families are challenged to forgo “screened” entertainment in favor of more interpersonal, imaginative experiences.

We’re taking it on, and I encourage everyone to do the same…as much as you can. For me, that means no iPhone except for phone calls, and no iPad games after the kids are in bed. I will be working on a few writing assignments every morning as usual, but I’m actually looking forward to a Facebook sabbatical. It just gets so noisy over there.

The kids have agreed to pass on TV and iPad for a whole week. JJ says, “Yeah, put my name in for that challenge.”

So, friends and families, get out your games, your puzzles, your arts & crafts. Head out to the park, a farm, the zoo, the library. Arrange some playdates, browse the pet store, bake something. Do something or do nothing; the point of this week is to tune out the digital world and tune in to each other.

Now get off your e-reader and go play.

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