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October 16, 2012 at 8:08 am (Education & Learning, General)

Last year I did a post on the best parenting resources of which I know. These are authors with the most helpful parenting tips, advice, and information out there: my favorites. This year, I’d like to revisit the list. I’ve come across some really great blogs in the last year, and  I’d like to add some updates. My RSS reader is getting lengthy, especially the “Positive Parenting” category! Here are a few new additions; these are the sites I love, as the topics are relevant to all families and children, and they consistently have great content:

Abundant Life Children — Emily Plank is an early childhood educator who writes this blog about honoring a child’s mind, body and spirit. Her topics center around nonviolent communication, natural learning, and respectful relationships…all crucial in working with children.

Core Parenting–Dr. Darci Walker is consistent and thorough when she writes about simple concepts in parenting. She gives well-thought-out explanations to important issues families go through. Her message is not that there’s a “right” way to parent, just ways to help children thrive. Her blog really gets at the core of effective parenting.

Elevating Childcare–Janet Lansbury is an RIE educator (Resources for Infant Educarers), which is a philosophy of caring for infants that focuses on meeting their needs and entrusting the whole of a child’s development to the child. I love the focus on respect trust as well as Janet’s supportive and nonjudgmental writing style.

Good Job & Other Things–Jennifer Lehr writes this thought-provoking blog about the messages we really send to our kids with the things we say. I enjoy her analysis of common parenting vernacular, as well as her pointed, often humorous, way of saying exactly what she thinks. She and I recently had an email conversation about the use of the word “discipline” as it is used to describe “positive discipline.” Super nice lady and a really interesting discussion!

Ordinary Courage — I love this blog by Brené Brown. Although not dedicated to specific parenting techniques, Brené’s work is helpful to parents nonetheless. She writes about communication, relationships, inner strength, happiness, embracing imperfection, and yes also parenting. I find her work personally inspiring and especially love her “Wholehearted Parenting” manifesto from her new book, Daring Greatly:

Positive Parenting Connection–Ariadne Brill is a Certified Positive Discipline Educator and writes this blog as a way to bring parents together with the shared goal of learning peaceful parenting. It is full of practical ideas, helpful tips, and tons of support.

Teach Through Love — Lori Petro offers a video blog along with her online classes. This vlog is a nice change of pace from the typical “text only” blogs. Lori talks easily about issues and examples of conscious parenting. It’s like you’re sitting down to chat with a friend!

Twin Coach–Gina Osher is a mom of twins, but her blog is not just for parents of twins. Anyone can get a lot out of this  resource that is dedicated to helping parents understand themselves and their kids better. Gina’s posts help parents become more mindful of behavior (both their own and their kids’).

I don’t have any new books to add to the list, but keep an eye out for Dr. Laura Markham’s book, Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids, due out in November. It will be one not to be missed!

Now, I know there are so many more parenting resources out there than just these! I am gradually exploring many of them. If you have a favorite that is not on this list, let me know, I’d love to check it out. Of course, every great blog has a great Facebook page, so make sure you check the pages of the above blogs out to be sure to catch all of their updates and discussion threads.

Happy reading and here’s to mindful parenting!


  1. FBC said,

    ScreamFree Parenting by Hal Runkel changed my life! It’s a great parenting book. He also has ScreamFree Marriage. They have a great FB and web site.

  2. Megan said,

    Have you found the book “becoming the parent you want to be” by Janice Keyser and Laura Davis? It’s right in with your others and an amazing gem of a resource.

  3. abundantlifechildren said,

    Wow! I am so honored to be included in this list of amazing advocates! There are a couple I’ve never run across before…thank you so much!!

  4. Jennifer PM said,

    Some much loved writers and many new ones to read on this list. Thanks!

  5. Gina Osher (@TheTwinCoach) said,

    Kelly, I am so honored to be included on your list not only because I am alongside people who I admire so much, but also because it is coming from you. Your posts always open my eyes to new ways of doing and seeing things. Thank you for that! And thank you for sharing all of these resources with us!

  6. Adina said,

    Being a self-professed bibliophile passionate about positive parenting, two of my absolute favorite parenting books in addition to some already mentioned are Becky Bailey’s Easy to Love, Difficult to Discipline–what she calls “conscious discipline,” which is truly mindful. She also has a great website.
    Simplicity Parenting is also another personal favorite! Also looking forward to Laura Markham’s new book, and LOVE Brene Brown!

  7. Ariadne - Positive Parenting Connection said,

    Kelly, what a phenomenal list of resources! It’s truly a wonderful surprise and honor to be included in your list so full of wonderful parenting writers & educators! Thank you!!

  8. Stephanie B. said,

    Thank you for posting this. I am having a hard day NOW. I felt your blog would have some answer for me. I didn’t know it was in the most recent post. On Core Parenting the first post is about Mama having a bad day. It was just what I needed!!! One thing I’m thinking about though, I understand that I need to help my children figure out how to handle feelings, but what happens when Mama doesn’t know how to help? When Mama hasn’t recognized her ability and skills to do so. I feel like I need to be parented on how to parent.

    • Kelly said,

      Hi Stephanie, I think one of the best ways we can help our kids learn to manage their feelings is to start with our own. When we’re able to recognize when we’re “out of sync,” identify and articulate the feeling(s) we’re experiencing, accept them as normal, and continue to love ourselves in spite of them…we’re more ale to help our kids do the same thing. Simply modeling that kind of emotional regulation is excellent. A great starting point is the book “Nonviolent Communication” by Marshall Rosenberg. It’s great at breaking down effective communication into a few simple steps.

  9. janet lansbury (@janetlansbury) said,

    Wow, Kelly, thank you! I just found this post and I’m honored to be on your list along with wonderful people I admire…like you! I feel grateful for your writing and distinct perspective. Seems that we’ve been hatched from the same egg. :0) Please keep up the terrific work!

  10. Parenting Blogs You Should be Reading | Parenting From Scratch said,

    […] Some of them I have featured in past posts of the best positive parenting resources and other excellent parenting resources. Some I have in mind for future posts. I’m sure there are plenty I haven’t discovered […]

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