Nominations Needed for Books and Blogs

September 27, 2013 at 6:42 am (General)


At least once a year I do a round-up of some of the best parenting resources. As I keep up with parenting research and literature, check out new books on the market, and read numerous daily blogs, I love sharing with you what I’m reading. That’s what helps me the most on my parenting journey: reading  a variety of perspectives and examples of positive parenting.

Every time I do one of these “best of” posts, I inevitably get emails saying, “Oh, but you didn’t include this one, it’s so great!” And, “You should definitely check out this book…you’d love it!” I’m always grateful for the recommendations, and I’m always sorry I hadn’t known about them before.

I am going to continue doing these round-up posts, and I would love your help!

If you have a blog, book, or organization that you love for parenting support, let me know. I am searching for new blogs to add to my RSS feed, great books that I haven’t read yet, and any other parenting resources that helps parents find respectful, effective ways to raise kids.

I most likely won’t be able to feature all of them in one post, but I would love as many of your recommendations as you have. I’ll eventually narrow them down to keep the list concise and truly “best of.” Here’s what makes a great parenting resource:

  1. Based in unconditional parenting (a non-behaviorist approach). We’re aiming for a list of connection-based parenting resources–ones that show an understanding of child development, emotional responsiveness and overall respect for children.
  2. Updated regularly. Blogs don’t have to be updated frequently, but they should be tended to consistently.
  3. High quality. That is, beside being helpful, encouraging, concise, and/or visually engaging, blogs and books should be well-written and organizations should be professional.


Other than that, I’d love to know of resources that fit a variety of styles and tastes. From practical to foundational, from your best friend’s new book to your own personal blog. Dad blogs, nonprofits, podcasts…there is so much great parenting stuff out there.

Please send an email to with the subject heading “Nomination for Best Parenting Resources.” Send them to me as often as you want or whenever you find a resource  you love. The sooner I learn of these awesome resources, the more time I will have to review and get familiar with them.

I look forward to your “best of”s! Thank you for your help in building a strong parenting community, and here’s to parenting mindfully!

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