A Charming Remembrance of Early Childhood

October 14, 2013 at 6:46 am (General)


Elia lost her 13th tooth this weekend. The molar–her first– was pushed out by the next one coming in, and it was only a little disappointing that it didn’t happen at school for the tooth-sized treasure chest she’d get to carry it home. Mostly, it wasn’t very disappointing; it was an exciting, bittersweet moment. Exciting for her because, well, it’s a tooth coming out and what kid doesn’t want a new hole in her mouth? Bittersweet for me because I see it as a sign of maturity. My baby is growing up into a strong, confident girl. My baby has one less baby tooth.

And most of all, it was exciting to get out the tooth fairy pillow once again and add another charm to her necklace. Actually, last week, this necklace was a bracelet. It seems the tooth fairy misjudged the volume of charms that would be collected over the years, and a bracelet just couldn’t handle it. So with this molar was given a new, longer, neck-sized chain as well as a new charm.


They are cute. They are sparkly. They are Elia.


JJ’s charms are pewter tokens that we mount on a small wooden shield. This was inspired by his favorite book series, Beast Quest by Adam Blade and the young hero, Tom, who collects tokens for his shield. The tokens empower him with strength, and he calls on their abilities to help him in his quest to keep his kingdom safe.

I hope JJ knows all the strength he has in him. I do.


These charms have been a wonderful way for our kids and us to celebrate the change of teeth–a significant and lengthy milestone in their development. Each child gets a visual representation and souvenir of how much growing-up they’ve accomplished throughout these early years. I love looking over the charms and remembering their ages and stages and how their interests have changed. How much they have grown.

My, how they grow.


  1. Margaret said,

    where do you get your charms?
    They are perfect!

    • Kelly said,

      My son’s come from all over…different retailers that sell silver and pewter charms. My daughter’s are by Charm It (www.charm-it.com) from a retailer near us. But there is a link on the website for you to shop online, too. They have tons of cute designs!

  2. Rochelle Siegrist said,

    Hi, we just can’t find any charms online for boys…any tips? I know I see things at gift shops when we travel, but there must be something online somewhere!

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