Raising Resilient Kids

October 17, 2013 at 10:32 am (Attachment Parenting, Positive Discipline)

This month I have an article out in Green Child Magazine on how to help children develop resilience…


Of all the qualities parents desire for their kids, resilience is often one of the highest on the list. Resilience is our ability to cope with futility. It’s about all those moments in life—large and small, major and minor—they don’t go quite the way we’d like them to.

Being resilient means being able to handle things going wrong and having the ability to find creative solutions to problems. It means bouncing back from emotional hurts or coping with failure. In short, being resilient is about surviving life’s adversities.

How does this sense of recovery and emotional strength develop? What can parents do to help kids learn to handle failure and futility? Fortunately, childhood is filled with opportunities for children to develop resilience. Kids encounter challenges every day that bring up inevitable feelings of frustration, anger, sadness, or fear.

Click on over to Green Child Magazine to read the full article: Raising Resilient Kids.

Green Child Magazine  focuses on natural and healthy living with kids. It is beautiful, inspiring, and absolutely free to subscribe if you want their issues and articles on positive parenting!

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  1. Aly Bleistine said,

    Fantastic article! So glad you “get it”. Are you familiar with our product SONGS OF RESILIENCE from Growing Sound? http://www.growing-sound.com

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