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December 5, 2013 at 11:46 am (General)

I’ve been quiet on the blog for a couple of weeks! Last week my kids had the entire week off school because of the Thanksgiving holiday. And when they’re home, most thoughts of blogging leave my mind. Instead we spend time, relaxing, playing, hanging out, sleeping in…Occasionally a thought will pop into my head, “Oh, I should write a post about this,” (whatever we’re doing). And then I think, “Nah, I’d rather just be present right now and enjoy this moment with my kids.” So I forgo writing in favor of living!

But I’m getting back in the swing of things this week and catching up on some projects. I have a few non-bloggy things in the works…

My main project right now is a new ebook. Jane Nelsen (author and founder of Positive Discipline) and I are collaborating on creating a resource about screen time and what it takes to raise kids in a digital age. I don’t know about your family, but screen time is an ongoing an issue for ours (we sure like our gadgets here!), and I am excited to be able put together a book of tips and tools for managing media the Positive Discipline way.


I also have an article out in the current issue of Green Child magazine on encouraging a child’s autonomy. Lots of ways kids can help out and build skills and confidence!


I recently wrote a series on toddlerhood for Attachment Parenting International. It started out as a conversation starter on Facebook…I had posted the question, “What do you find to be the hardest thing about transitioning from parenting an infant to parenting a toddler?” and I was overwhelmed with responses! Clearly, there are many challenges. But there were so many that parents shared, I decided to respond to as many as I could. By the time I was done addressing the most common areas of concern, I had a response that was way too long to be just one post, so I broke it into…five! This is the 5-part series I put together based on the many thoughts on the challenges of toddlerhood:

Part 1: Three essential parenting tools to have in your toddler toolbox
Part 2: Setting limits with kindness and firmness
Part 3: How to handle the NO!s and tantrums of toddlerhood with respect, empathy, and acceptance
Part 4: Understanding aggression and how to not take your toddler’s strong emotions personally
Part 5: Understanding needs versus wants


There is a new book soon to be released called Face to Face that I’m very honored to have contributed to! It’s kind of an anthology of articles, research, tips, activities, and essays from parent educators, psychologists, pediatricians, and other parenting professionals (heavy on the Positive Discipline contributors).  Face to Face is packed with information on family connection, outside influences, friendship, bullying, and resilience–all coming from the angle of helping kids cultivate strong personal connections while understanding that we live in an a increasingly digital world.  An excellent resource for parents, teachers, and all all types of childcare professionals…you are guaranteed to find something that will help you in here!


I have been very excited lately because my own book, Encouraging Words for Kids, has been shipping to schools! Educators and administrators from around the United States have been contacting me saying they’re going to incorporate it into their teacher trainings and staff development programs. I cannot tell you how encouraging this news is! I, of course, love it to hear from parents who are getting a lot of value from this little book, but I’m thrilled that teachers also want to bring the language of encouragement into their schools! So, if you need a great gift for your child’s teacher this holiday season, here’s a perfect fit.


  1. Nirit Avraham said,

    Hi Kelly I love your post Recently moved to Israel and continue to follow you from here:-) Where do I purchase your book from? Best Nirit Avraham

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