Managing the Media Monster? We Can Help With That.

January 29, 2014 at 10:17 am (Positive Discipline)


I’m excited to be in the final stages of putting this resource together! Working with Jane has been an enjoyable experience as we commiserate on the ways electronic screens creep so easily into our families’ lives. (iPotty anyone?) We’ve had a great time putting together personal stories, practical examples, helpful language, and of course the best Positive Discipline tools when it comes to managing media. The release date is estimated for the beginning of March, and I will definitely share when it becomes available!


  1. parentingthepositiveway said,

    Yay Kelly! I am so excited to hear about this! This will be so helpful to sooo many people! Congrats to you and Jane!!!

  2. Vicki Dolan said,

    Yay, Kelly and Jane, I am so happy to hear about this….our parents have been asking for tools and suggestions regarding screen time. Please let me know as soon as this is available!

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