9 Lessons I Learned From My Mom

May 11, 2014 at 8:24 am (General)


Family comes first. Being there for each other, spending time together, and supporting each other is a must. I remember once when my brother and I were in college and we were preparing for a vacation to Disney World, my mom said, “This might be our last family vacation together…” But guess what? It’s almost 20 years later and we still take family vacations together. From school events to movie nights to family vacations, prioritizing our family time has been that significant.

“If it is to be, it’s up to me.” If something is important enough, make it happen. You are capable.

No one can take your education away from you. No matter what hardships may fall upon you in life, you’ll always carry with you the knowledge and skills you made an effort to learn. It’s always worthwhile to learn something new.

Speak up. You might just get what you want.

Eat meals together. Dinnertime is essential enough to schedule or reschedule so everyone can be there. Cooking and baking and eating brings everyone together in meaningful ways.

Tears are OK. One night as a kid, I started crying in my bed at night and I didn’t know why. My mom came in to ask what was wrong, and when I couldn’t tell her, she held me and responded, “That’s OK. Sometimes big feelings overwhelm us and we just need to cry.” Whew…weight lifted.

Small savings add up to long term financial security. It’s the little expenditures that have the biggest impact. Most things we think are needs are really just wants. Know the difference.

Everyone has feelings. No one deserves to be hurt. Ever.

The one who matters most is the one in the glass. It’s not the critic who counts, but the person you see looking back at you from the mirror. That’s the one–the only one–you should worry about pleasing.

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom and to all the wonderful moms who teach their children lessons about life and what true love really is!

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  1. mariz said,

    Your mother must have been a good mom to you and i can see that while reading your post…I am a mom too and its so overwhelming to read post like this, giving credits to all the things that mothers are trying to make their children understand. You might wanted to see this A Piece Of Heaven On Earth. Thank you for posting this. It inspires me.

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