Berry Early Morning

July 3, 2011 at 1:24 pm (Cooking, Just Photos)

I was thrilled to discover that we didn’t miss our strawberry harvest while we were on vacation last week.  This is the first year we had an actual patch of strawberries and a significantly higher chance of eating the ripe ones before the slugs did.

Due to the time change during our travels, Elia and JJ woke up 2 hours earlier than usual–at 4:30 and 5:00 am, repectively–the morning after our return.  It was a very early morning, full of activity.  The excitement began when we raised the shades to the backyard and they discovered a bounty of dark red (and most importanly, un-slug-eaten!) strawberries out there waiting for us.

No one could wait; we had to get out there at 5:45 am to do some berry picking!

We also noticed the blueberries are almost ready!

So we ended up with three bowls like this one.  It was especially thrilling to pick them from our own yard.  We ate berries all morning; the kids’ were plain, I sliced mine into a bowl and splashed local, organic cream on top.

Oh, and then there’s this little creation:

I prefer strawberry shortcake made with a slightly sweetend biscuit, rather than a more traditional spongecake, so I made these cakes from my favorite scone recipe; just cut the dough into biscuits instead of wedges.  It was light, crumbly, barely sweet, and perfectly moistened with strawberry juice.  Amazing.

The kids had no words, but mouthfuls of appreciative murmurs of delicisiousness.  We love berry season.  It makes a 4:30 morning just a bit more enjoyable.

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Easter Eggs

May 1, 2011 at 2:19 pm (Cooking)

I better post these pictures before they get too dated!  I took a few of our Easter egg creations.  This year we tried some natural dyes, and I was curious to see how they would stain brown eggs.

Blue started with red cabbage, grape juice, and canned blueberries (not pictured):

Pink was a mixture of cranberry juice and beets:

Also orange and green; carrots and spinach:

Although the orange and green didn’t take at all (those are on the very bottom of the bowl, still brown), the pink and blue did very well.  They turned out so pretty!

Also a batch of homemade dark chocolate truffles for our Easter sweets:

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Stages of a Halloween Pumpkin

November 7, 2010 at 9:21 pm (Cooking, General)




4. (Pumpkin cheesecake!)



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Meeting Our Meat

September 26, 2010 at 11:22 am (Cooking, Just Photos)

I am behind on my posts…I have a few stories I’d like to share, but I can’t find the time to write them out!  We’ve had a few sick bodies in our house this week, both people and animals, and a few days that have been really rough.  So, until I can catch up on everything, here are a few pictures to tide you over:

We stopped by our meat farm to see how the turkeys are doing.  They are free-range, and we were allowed to walk right into their pasture.

They are very curious when people come to see them.

One of these turkeys will end up being our dinner.

It’s kind of sad to think about it, especially when you get to meet them like this, but they are raised for food.  It does help to be able to see the high-quality, low-stress life they live.

Here is a male heritage turkey.

We wil probably get a female, since they finish smaller.

We also had to pick up some eggs while we were there:

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What’s on the Table

August 3, 2010 at 2:14 pm (Cooking)

Breakfast: Peaches and Cream…local peaches (picked by us), local, organic cream delivered by our milk man

Lunch: PB and J…homemade bread, homemade peanut butter, homemade jam

Dinner: Pulled Pork Sandwiches…local organic pork, Trader Joe’s barbecue sauce (Can you believe it?  NOT homemade!), homemade bun

We eat well around here. Though I notice there aren’t any vegetables in the pictures.  Hmmm, we’ll have to work on that!

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